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17" tire size question

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  • 17" tire size question

    I have a set of 17" BBS RS on my car. They are 17x8 +35 in front with a small spacer and 17x9 +25 in the rear. The tire size is 235/40 and 255/40. The fronts tires are fine for me but the rears look like I'm ready to run a quarter mile race. I searched and from what I read I think I need 245/35 in the rear to look uniform with thr front tires. But I'm not positive... Could someone let me know if this would be the right size to go with. Thanks.

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    245/35/17 sounds about right in the rear. I'm running 245/40/17 and its pretty meaty back there but the jersey potholes are pretty bad. If you wanna stretch it further you could also run a 225/35/17. TIGHT!!!


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      235 for the rear should be perfect..


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        Yea I'm in NJ too so I know what you mean. I guess I'll give the 245/35 a try. I'm not a big fan of the stretched look so I don't want to go too narrow on the 9" rim. But then again I don't like the look of the tire when it's too meaty. Decisions, decisions.:duality: I'm too picky when it comes to these things. Thanks for the advise.


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          A lot of the guys run the 245/35 in the rear and have been pretty good. The
          frequency of bent rims depend on you driving skills and suspension set up. It is not
          a matter of if, but when.


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            Hi era1999,
            When I bought my car it was running on 17's with 235x40 tyres on 8" rims front and 255x40 tyres on 9" rims rear, then I bought new rims and asked a guy in the office of the bmwccgb what size of tyres would have the correct rolling radious and he said 225x35x17 they made the car drive and feel alot better but then I bought a new set of standard sport evo wheels, I would go with 225x35 front and 245x35 rears that should be about right.