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18x8.5 et18 BBS RK - Will they fit?

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  • 18x8.5 et18 BBS RK - Will they fit?

    Anyone tried a setup like this before? I am currently running 18x8 et13 M Parallels with 225/40 R888s and they fit fine - a little rubbing at full steer but that's about it, so I think I may try these with another set of the same tires (I already have them)

    The wheel will be about .45" closer to the suspension components, which I need to measure, but otherwise it should be close given the same overall height and tread width. Maybe a spacer would be needed?

    I guess another question is if it doesn't work, would it be harmful to dismount and remount the tires on my M Parallels?

    The whole reason for this is I just got a set of these on Craigslist for only $300 with tires (2 good). They are big, but cheap (and relatively light) so I thought I'd feel it out - if not just sell them or trade for some 17x8s

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    god damn it, i wish i found that deal. my e34 could have used that set for sure. I'll give you $350

    Only input I can give you is that when i bought my car it came with 18x8.5" et13 RC's with 225/40/18 street tires, and it jacked up the front fenders like no other. If your running R888 on m-parallels without issue then you should be fine. And worst case scenario you install a thin spacer. - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter


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      I know - I can't believe I came across these.

      A buddy of mine (also on this forum) snagged a set of staggered 18" Style 5s for a similar steal and I was uberjealous - but now I can let that go

      If they don't work for the M3 I may have to fit them to my GTO. I'll consider your offer though


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        Alex McHenry had them on his E30 M3.
        I almost bought a set on Ebay, but had already bought 2 sets of 17".

        Here is Rudi's car with 18" RK's:

        Räder: Rundum 8,5x18 BBS RK Räder mit 225/35 ZR 18 weiß pulverbeschichtet.
        Chris L.

        Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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          Cool thanks for the pics!

          It looks like he is running Evo3 front fenders?


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            I believe Rudi's car did have E3/composite (?) fenders.

            Here is Alex's car with OE fenders & 18" RK's.
            Photo care of Trevor Ely.

            Chris L.

            Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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              Interesting. Looks like he is running a pretty tall suspension setup with them.

              Thanks again for the info.


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                I sent you a PM regarding these wheels. I actually had 18x8.5 et38 on my E36 M3 and loved the wheels!! I sold the car to my brother to buy my '88 M3. I am actually pretty interested in these wheels if you decide to sell them. You got them for a steal and I'm willing to be fair on the price if they are in good shape and they will work. I just so happen to have 20mm of spacers that I could at least mock up on the car and see if they would work (225/40's mounted on the e36). The spacers would give me the same offset as the ones you have there. Please LMK if you are interested in selling....I'd love to make a deal with you.

                I wonder how they would fit with a 225/35/18 tire!!!
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                  Originally posted by UNHCLL View Post

                  Here is Rudi's car with 18" RK's:

                  huh, it must be 5 years or so since this guy has posted, i wonder what he's up to or if he even has the car anymore.

                  Now that i think about it, i never really saw any other pictures of his car besides these few... wierd.

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