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    How's it going guys?

    I have a set of 17x8.5 et13 3pc wheels and would like to go wider in the rear by replacing the inner barrels (so I could fit wider tires and still have a little stretch).

    From my understanding, with 2.5" outer lips, I currently have 6" inner barrels? I was planning on going to 9.5" rears thus I would need to order 7" barrels?

    What would the final offset be? ~et20?

    Thanks for the clarification.

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    If you are adding only more inner barrel, then you are raising the offset.

    Meaning if you start with ET13 and add 24mm of inner barrel, then you new offset would be ET37.

    That will make zero aesthetic change as the face and outer lip will stay in exactly the same place. - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter


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      Yep, I figured I'll be adding +offset and wouldn't really matter much as long as it clears from the inside. I don't mind not adding any lip as I only want to get wider tires (235 or 245) but at the same time keep a little bit of stretch (like 215 on an 8.5") without having the wheels to poke out too much.

      I think the offset would end up being 25.