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    I know this is probably a personal preference topic, but an opportunity has come up for a couple sets of BBS wheels in 18x8.5" et 13 & et 15 respectively. If it takes too much effort I'll likely pass as I like 17" on our cars. But they're lightweight and durable so I'm considering it.

    My questions are:

    What has to be done to get wheels with these dimensions to fit? Spacers, fender rolling, pulling, cutting?
    How many of you are running 18's?
    What tire options work? 235/35?

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    I run a set of 18" X 8.5" ET25 (Dinan branded Fikse) with 245/35/18. No spacers, but I do rub at full lock (tire hits the inside of the fender at the back side of the front wheel and plastic liner at the front). It's just a street car, and I like the look, so I live with the rub.

    Hope that helps some.



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      I have a set of 18"s but have not mounted them yet, but I fully expect it to work without much rubbing other than on full lock steering, (on lowered suspension). I can't speak for stock ride height, but 18"s on stock height would probably not look right anyway.

      I got a staggered set, 8 in the front and 9 in the rear, and am planing on 225 fronts and 245 rears (maybe 255). So 235/35 is the right size for the 8.5's. Here are a couple of helpful links to figure out wheel diameter and fitment.

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        Instead of cutting or modifying OEM front fenders - would swapping to the evo III versions be another option? I think they were designed to fit larger wheels.?
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          Thanks guys! I had rubbing with 17"x 8.5" 45 aspect ratio which I didn't like, so I rolled the fenders and dropped to 215/40 front 235/40 rear and it helped but I want a larger contact patch on the ground. Rubbing with over 350 forced induced ponies is a little too dangerous and expensive to live with, so if a little massaging is what it takes I appreciate the heads up. Pics help too!


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            I'm running 18x8.5 square et23 and no rubbing with 235/30-18. I'm pretty sure I can run 245/40-18 without rubbing as I want more meat on the wheel for better traction:
            After photo IMG_0040.jpg
            Front 3/4 photo IMG_0043.jpg
            Rear 3/4 photo IMG_0044.jpg
            Top Rear photo IMG_0047.jpg
            Top Front photo IMG_0048.jpg

            I wouldn't go any lower than et22 then you won't be able to maximize contact patch. If you do go to a lower ET fender mods are a must if you're running 245s in the front.
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              Ahhh, thanks Pat...Looking good there bro!

              The BBS RC / RK tend to come in the low et 13-15 or high 36-45 range but I love them both... The key is in the e.t, hmmm something to consider.
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