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BBS RS - Center clearance with studs

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  • BBS RS - Center clearance with studs

    I have 75mm wheel studs on my car now and am currently running open-lug wheels so have no issues. I'm trying to get a set of 16" BBS RS refinished and I'd like to know whether the center cap will clear the studs or if they stick out too far for the waffle to clear..

    Has anyone used BBS RS with a stud conversion? If the studs don't clear, what's the minimum spacer I'd need to make them clear?


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    I just recently ran into the same problem with my 75mm Race Studs from Motorsport Hardware.

    My issue was with the front, I had to purchase the 68mm Studs. A spacer would work, just not in my case.

    Also mine are 17's and et13, not sure if that makes a difference as far as how shallow or deep the lug area is.

    Hope this helps!
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      Thanks! How much did they not clear by? Are we talking a 3mm-5mm spacer? Did the rears work without issue?


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        The rears are now essentially ET 3 so they did not have a problem because of the 10mm spacer.

        No the difference was roughly 7-8mm I switched from a 75 to a 68 and it worked, I got lucky.
        90 Alpine M3 | 90 Brilliantrot M3 | 85 Alpine 520i