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Paint Color and best rattlecan?

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  • Paint Color and best rattlecan?

    Hey guys, just wanted to get your guys' taste on what color to paint the stock basketweaves.

    My alpine car came with stock wheels that had black centers that are now more purple than they are black. they're also flaking in some areas.

    I guess the easiest choice would be something similar to the nogaro silver (graphite as rustoleum calls it). But I was wondering if gold on the stock wheels would be weird. Any opinions? Has anyone done this?

    Also, does anyone know what the best rattle can wheel paint is? I was going to use a self etching primer and then the wheel paint and then clear coat. Opinions?

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    Bavauto sells a stock wheel color paint worth looking into if you decide to go that route. Personally gold centers would look good with polished or grey lips.


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      Wurth wheel paint and clearcoat is excellent also!