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    Good evening, I saw your note to PositiveIons suggesting you may have an inside scoop on potentially for sale M3s. After lamenting selling my s38 M3 a few years ago, I am looking for either a clean daily driver in the $35k range, or a super clean weekend garage queen in the $45-50k range. Mileage is not as important as maintenance and cleanliness. Essentially only reds are out, DS and Alpine are preferred. The more stock the better but tasteful mods are appreciated if properly done. I emailed the guy you posted the DS with 2.5 motor for, could be a good option depending on if it is a proper Evo III or a modified stock 2.3. I'm in Idaho so I prefer a west coast deal but happy to fly and drive or ship the right car from the East.

    I'm also interested in any rare E30s such as Alpina, Hartge, mtech or exceptionally clean 2 door iX. Thanks for any tips! Dave

  • L James

    The 2.5 I posted is pretty nice. Think about it this way, to build a proper 2.5 today - it will cost $25K in parts and at least $10K to build it. That one was built by Ron Checca. So you know it was done right! The guy is pretty well off and has spent money on it over the years to keep it right. In any case, I feel that car is a deal if that's what you're after.

    There are other cars out there, but those guys want EAG type of money. You'd have to be in the $60-85K range.

    If you'd like further insight on the 2.5, please feel free to reach out with questions.

    Kind regards
    L James
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